Over the last few years I have been fascinated by mathematical modeling. This fascination has led me to compete in COMAP's Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM). One of the projects listed here is my 2018 MCM submission that received an honorable mention. On top of the MCM, I have also participated in project based courses and research opportunities. Listed below are some of the projects that I have played a large role in.

When I took Mathematical Biology II at UCF in the Spring of 2016, each student completed a PIC Math project in which the goal was to model an aspect of cholera dynamics in Haiti. In my project, I devised a socioeconomic class-structured model that captured so interesting dynamics of how better access to sanitation reduced the total infected populations. Link to Github Repository

In the Spring of 2017, I started research in soundscape ecology under Jonathan Beever. In my work under Dr. Beever, I oversaw data analysis and visualization. I also started work on a project about sampling methodology in soundscape ecology that I am currently working on turning into a manuscript. Link to Github Repository

As mentioned before, in the Spring of 2018, my team for the MCM received an honorable mention for modeling the extinction of languages (Problem B). By incorporating existing language competition models and my knowledge of patch-based disease models, we made a patch-based language competition model for the top 20 languages that converted languages speakers based on the GDP of countries with the chosen languages as their official language. Link to Github Repository

In the Summer of 2018 I had the amazing chance to research at Harvard Forest as part of its REU in Ecology at the Thompson Lab, where I modeled human response to fire across Northern California using LANDIS-II. Using the Land Use Plus extension, I implemented dynamic human response to fire in R. This consisted of minimizing connected fuels across the landscape, post fire salvage logging, and reducing fuels around developed areas hit by fire. Link to Github Repository

Links to other project repositories:

Hosting an R Workshop for the Actuarial Science Club