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A long time ago, in a galaxy far,
far away...
  a man made a dumb website
  to entice employers....


EVAN WALDMANN seeks to return to his home land of Florida in an attempt to rescue himself from the clutches of the cold and ever-increasing cost of living in Seattle.

He is very aware that companies have been steadily shifting towards the paradigm of REMOTE WORK and that they are in need of talent with strong technical skills, thus Evan is always open to hearing about new OPPORTUNITIES.

Evan is a great SOFTWARE ENGINEER, who for the last year and a half, has been maintaining, improving, and building upon the applications in charge of the majority of VM CRUD operations for Azure. Systems have to be available, reliable, fast, and built rock solid as at our scale even the smallest bug could mean many hours lost mitigating livesite incidents.

With experience in many languages such as R, Java, C# (.NET), Python, Javascript, and SQL/KQL and having worked as a FULLSTACK developer at Deloitte and BACKEND developer at Microsoft, Evan knows more than he could possibly list in the minute and half that the Star Wars crawl takes up, so please check out his WEBSITE.

Evan is interested in offers COMPETITIVE with BIG TECH compensation and benefits that will help him to restore freedom to the galaxy...